AIM (the French Medical Informatics Association) is pleased to host the the 17th world congress of medical and health informatics in Lyon (France). The conference is organized on August 25th to 30th 2019.

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As every year the European Federation for Medical Informatics organizes its Special Topic Conference. This year the conference will take place in Budapest from the 26-29th of April 2014, dealing with cross-border challenges in informatics with a focus on disease surveillance and utilization of big-data.

This year's conference focuses on the following topics:

  • sources of data, including big data, for monitoring an measuring health and disease,
  • using routine data for epidemiological study and public health,
  • monitoring uptake, benefits and risks of vaccines and other treatments of disease,
  • health data sharing and integration opportunities and challenges of working across EU borders,
  • economic impact and other consequences of cross-border rules, restrictions, and different datasets,
  • governance in cross-border care,
  • and education.

For further information please visit the website: STC 2014