EFMI welcomes you to the 30th Medical Informatics Europe conference (MIE) at Geneva.

More information at http://www.mie2020.org/ 

EFMI LIFOSS WG is supporting the 1st International GNU HealthCon November 18-20, Las Palmas, Spain (#GNUHealthCon2016).

Please find more information here: http://www.gnuhealthcon.org/2016-las_palmas/

Health IT is a major field of investment in support of healthcare delivery. While many health IT systems are efficient and welcomed by their users, and are essential to modern healthcare, this is not the case for all. Unfortunately, some systems cause user frustration and result in inefficiency in use, and a few are known to have inconvenienced patients or even caused harm.

Read more: Open Access Book on Evidence-Based health Informatics

Join us at the HL7 - EFMI partner session on Wednesday June 8th:

HL7/EFMI Session