Medical Informatics Europe MIE 2018

MIE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden April 24 to 26, 2018

Building Continents of Knowledge in Oceans of Data: the Future of Co-Created Health

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Health Informatics in 6 minutes ? Enjoy six data scientists deliver their research in an amusing or unusual way; 8 minutes to entertain, that’s it. Welcome to the science slam. Enjoy this recording of the Science Slam

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The deadline for submissions to ICIMTH 2017 ( has been extended to May 15, 2017.

All accepted full papers are published by IOS Press and cited in PubMed/Medline and Scopus.

On behalf of the SPC and LOC,

Arie Hasman

John Mantas

LIFOSS WG was represented at the FLOSS Village at Med-e-Tel 2017 in Luxembourg. The database was presented at the booth as well as the Free Software GNUHealth Health and Hospital Information System runing on an OpenSUSE powered RaspBerry Pi board.

Tips and Tricks for your next digital health project:
How to develop clinical content specifications and achieve interoperability

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Saturday April 22, at 13:00-16:00, Hilton Doubletree, Manchester

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