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About the Institutional Member

AHIMA's more than 57,000 members are dedicated to the effective management of personal health information required to deliver quality healthcare to the public. Health information management (HIM) is the body of knowledge and practice that ensures the availability of health information to facilitate real-time healthcare delivery and critical health-related decision making for multiple purposes across diverse organizations, settings, and disciplines.

AHIMA, a not-for-profit, volunteer led organization is committed to promoting and advocating for high quality research, best practices and effective standards in health information while actively contributing to the development and advancement of health information professionals worldwide. AHIMA’s enduring goal is quality healthcare through quality information.

AHIMA Global Services based in Brussels looks to further develop new opportunities and build collaborative relationships as well as monitor the global health information environment. Being in Brussdfels offers first hand access to information and decision-making processes across Europe, placing an emphasis on this important mission as well as support and service to our global community.

  • Serve the healthcare society and citizens
  • Advance HIM's industry standards,
  • Develop and grow a certified HIM workforce through transnational outreach
  • Accredit educational systems required to advance the HIM practice around the globe
  • Promote and advocate for high quality research, best practices and effective standards in health information
  • Contribute to the development and advancement of the health information profession worldwide
  • Collaborate closely with similar organisations focused on healthcare in order to leverage the debate, and bring mutual long-term benefits in emerging economies and less developed countries through joint investments of time and money

For further information on the institutional member please visit their website: AHIMA Web Portal