HOFMI - Human and Organisational Factors of Medical Informatics

Chair: Romaric Marcilly, Lille Academic Hospital, France

Co-chair: Valentina Lichtner, UCL, UK; Macquarie University, Australia



Human and organizational factors are considered into e-health projects as an integral part of design and evaluation practices to enhance acceptability and suitability of e-health. By promoting knowledge and methods about human and organizational factors in the field of medical informatics, this working group aims to improve the acceptability and the safety of health technology.


To disseminate scientific knowledge for designing, implementing and evaluating health systems in which a health technology is (to be) implemented/used. This knowledge may concern several aspects of this socio-technical system, including the work organization, the technology implementation process or the fit between the technology’s characteristics and the end-user’s needs, abilities and limitations.


Main Objectives

  • To establish a network of researchers and practitioners interested in the role of human and organizational factors in the use of healthcare technologies
  • To organize workshops, panels and tutorials dedicated to this topic at the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference and other events
  • To disseminate knowledge about the role of human and organizational factors in the use of healthcare technologies through various activities, including journal publications
  • To support exchange and discussion between researchers and practitioners as well as European collaborations


Recent events

  • Endorsement and organization of the “Context Sensitive Health Informatics – CSHI” 2019 conference in Lille, France, on 23rd and 24th August 2019. More than 60 researchers working on HFO in health informaticsgot together to present and discuss their recent works in the fieldfor two days.

Members of the working group were involved in presentations at Medical Informatics Europe 2018 (MIE 2018), at AMIA 2018, at ITCH 2019, Medinfo 2019 and CSHI 2019. The working group also supported the proposal of panels and workshops:

  • Contribution to panels at Medinfo 2019
    • Combining Data and Technology for Healthcare Quality Improvement through Audit and Feedback
    • Using Health Information Technology to Transform Healthcare Quality
    • Electronic Health Record Safety: Practical Strategies for Evaluation and Improvement across Key Risk Areas
  • Workshop at ITCH 2019
    • Increasing usage and safety of medication alerting system by improving their usability
  • Workshop at MIE 2018
    • How to overcome barriers to user-based usability evaluations faced with older people?

Future activities

  • The working group will have a meeting at MIE 2020 and will submit panels:
    • “Ethics Reviews and Human and Organizational Factors’ Research in European Countries”
    • Cultural differencesand usage of health information technology (joint proposal with the HIIC working group)
  • A news letter about the publications of the working group’s members is under preparation
  • The working group started a cooperation with the IMIA Working Group on Human Factors Engineering through a joint-proposal to the IMIA yearbook.