NURSIE - Nursing Informatics in Europe

Main Objectives

  • To support nurses and nursing organizations in the European countries with information and contacts in the field of informatics.
  • To offer nurses opportunities to build contact networks within the informatics field. This could be accomplished by arranging sessions, workshops and tutorials in connection with the Medical Informatics European (MIE) conferences or by arranging separate meetings.
  • To support the education of nurses with respect to informatics and computing.
  • To support research and developmental work in the field and promote publishing of achieved results.

Relevant Activities 2016

  • Ni2016 was organized in Geneva June 25-29 2016. 708 participants could have access to 348 presentations. Preceedings are available Proceedings NI2016
  • We had a working group meeting with the objective to revive common activities in healt and nursing informatics. Each country member has to appoint one nurses to represent their own county in the working group
  • Next meeting will be during MIE Manchester in April 24 - 26 2017.

Relevant Activities 2017


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